Steve Jobs resigned

The tech industry was shocked yesterday by the announcement of Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple. He will remain as Chairman of the Board of the company he co-founded 35 years ago, therefore it is not time for goodbyes; nevertheless everyone feel this is an historic moment for the entire industry.

The news has been covered by all kind of media (some of my favorite bloggers included: John Gruber, Seth Godin, Jason Fried, Marco Arment, Matt Mullenweg, Robert Scoble, Dave Winer), so I’m only going to add a personal note here.

I am just a newbie in the macworld, I finally convinced myself to buy my first Macintosh computer at the beginning of 2008. However the moment I became a Mac and Apple user I discovered a new world literally made of passion for products, software, the industry at large, its culture and history, that I had never experienced using Windows machines.

Therefore here is my personal ‘thank you’ to Steve.
We wish you all the best, and we will continue to be inspired by your story.

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